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Introduction to the School
Don Bosco, a legendary Italian Saint, a luminous educationalist and a great champion of youth, is our founder. The head quarters are in Rome and it has branches in 132 countries. We are globally recognized and specialist in the field of education for youth.

In India , we are at the forefront in the field of education with 527 reputed institutions which includes two Universities. Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Vaduthala has been moulding children into virtuous and excellent young people for the past 26 years.

Our system of education is based on the core values of Reasonableness , Religiousness and Relationship which has been in practice for the past 150 years.

As in every institution of DonBosco the world over total responsibility of running this school rests upon the Salesian community of DonBosco, Vaduthala.

The members of the staff are well qualified and are given opportunities to develop professionally so that they prove to be an asset to the school. Teachers are responsible for the day-to-day activities within the school as well as the curricular and overall development of the students.